So this?  This is The Bootstrap Boutique.  This is where beginners build businesses.

It doesn’t matter if your new business is opening a CPA firm or knitting sweaters for hairless cats using reclaimed carpet fibers.  Let’s talk.

You probably have a million questions about what its really like to start a business.  I had them too.  That’s why I started documenting the steps I was taking in March 2016 to launch my first online business.  I wanted to give a live account of what it took.  Not a candy coated, well rehearsed sound bite from a long-successful entrepreneur, but a quick and dirty, here’s what happened today account of my story.  I call this the Learning Out Loud (LOL <- no, really, you can laugh at me) approach because there are no guru’s here.

I also like to share the best ideas I come across for building financial freedom, getting your business owner mindset right, being productive and getting stuff done.

Right…but who are you?

Me?  Oh, right.  My name is Megan.  I have a day job that I love in a highly regulated industry (and that’s all I’ve got to say about that).  I always wanted to be my own boss, and am finally doing it.  I am working on creating financial independence for my family through diverse income streams (hey…like this one!) and am so excited for the future of The Bootstrap Boutique and how it will help others build the businesses of their dreams, too.

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