AMAZON FBA Update – January 2017

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon.

Hi, welcome back for another week of The Bootstrap Boutique, where beginners build businesses, glad you’re here.

So I thought I thought today that I would just give you an update on what I’ve been doing with the Amazon FBA Private Label product business line that I am starting. Because I haven’t talked about it for a while.

Wire Issues

I have some sort of issue with my bank where when I send a wire to my supplier in China, it takes forever for them to get it.

So I go in, and I fill out the paper work and you sign your life away and send all your money to China and then it’s like…crickets. And it’s not that my supplier is going dark on me, it’s just that it takes forever for them to get those wires and their expectation is that I say, “Hey I’m going to go send you a wire today.” They’re like, “cool, I’ll let you know when we get it,” and then they don’t get it.

And it takes weeks. And with the Christmas holiday and the Fed Funds wires I guess down for the Christmas holiday it’s been taking even longer.  I sent a wire to China to my supplier about the mid…the first week of December? I mean, it’s been a while and uh, they don’t have it yet.

So… I’m not freaking out. I’m not freaking out. Not going to do it.


Because you guys know I like to share the warts and all approach to how I am starting this business I wanted to tell you about something that I realized that I did wrong for this first shipment and it’s not the end of the world, it’s only a 500 unit test order, but just to make sure that its something that you’re aware of. Because you don’t want to do this too.

So when you label products to sell on Amazon, there’s a few things that you need, right? You need the name of your company, you need the name of the product, you need what its made out of, you need country of origin or where its made, so Made in China. Those are all pretty basic things, UPC code, you need those to sell anywhere.

Amazon has another identifier that they use also called a FNSKU.  And I’m not sure, because if I was sure I would have done it already, if that has to be on the actual label or just on the bag or like, where that needs to be. So probably it should be on the label that is going to go on the outside of all of my bags but it’s not. I don’t have that actually set up yet with Amazon so I don’t have it.

So I think what I’m going to have to do is actually make my own labels with just the FNSKU on them and affix them to each of the 500 bags by hand. See what I mean?  Its, its…I can do it you know, 500 is not like 50,000 but  really could have saved myself some time if I had researched that first.

New Seller Restrictions Lifted

I guess the good news is that the December 19th, 2016 deadline has come and gone and Amazon is now letting new sellers sell there again but its not like I just had products sitting here waiting to go out, I did not get a product launched in 2016.  2017 is going to be my year, right?

So that’s where I am with the Amazon stuff and that’s why I haven’t talked about it a lot because I honestly, for a month almost have been waiting on a wire to go through  My product is in China ready to be shipped and I can not wait to get it here but that’s what I’m doing right now is waiting.

Office Tour

A couple of other things, I should probably address the elephant in the room.  We’ve moved.  We moved over Christmas because we are crazy people and this is my new office space. The seller kindly left this tapestry handing on the wall. It is not gorgeous but it’s covering the fuse box so I guess it will stay there.  It’s the only soft thing in the whole room right now, theres no carpet, there’s no drapery, or anything like that, so I apologize for the sound I’ll work on trying to research a little mic to make our sound better.

But I’ve got my work computer over here, my laptop and this whole space is a mess. I wish you could see it. We also have a weight rack over here, a squat bench set up. I should just do a fun little office tour for you guys so you can see what I am working with right now.  It will get better, but it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. One of those things.

The End

So anyway, that is an update on what’s going on in my life as well as my Amazon life and I can’t wait to have an update for you soon to show you some boxes and be like, “Hey guys, my products are here, I’m super excited” but that day has not come yet. Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel, I post new videos every Monday and Wednesday and I know you don’t want to miss one. Would love a thumbs up on the video if you enjoyed it, down in the comments below just tell me this time, whats new with you? Are you launching a new FBA product are you also working and living in a disaster area? I’d love to hear all about it and I will talk to you next week guys. Take care!


My 2017 Word of the Year – YES

Happy New Year!

Hey welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses, I am so glad you’re here.

Last week I shared with you in the last week of 2016 the goals that I wanted to accomplish in the first quarter of 2017 and in about two weeks I’m going to shoot an update video to let you know how I’m doing with those things, but what I wanted to talk about today is something that is going to span the whole year.

And that is my word of the year.

Lots of people do words of the year, its something that they try to carry through the whole year and I’ve always thought it was a really special and powerful thing and so I thought, yeah, I should probably do that for this year.  And hopefully you have a word of the year that you can share with me also.

So I kind of think of the word of the year as an affirmation. What do I want to keep my mind focused on as I go through the year because we all know it gets really tough to stay focused sometimes.  So I’ve thought about this a lot in the last few weeks of December and what I’ve decided my word of the year is going to be is “Yes.”

As someone with an already pretty full plate, saying yes to things seems a little crazy.  I probably should be saying no to more things, but you know, your life is your life and you get out of it what you put into it, so I want to make a point of saying yes more often and doing things that take me out of my comfort zone.

So yes to launching more products on Amazon, yes to doing outreach to you guys who watch these videos and learn something from them, yes to actually, and this is the scary one for me, going out to a conference or event somewhere this year in the real world. Yes to opportunities that come my way, even the ones I’m not expecting or planning for, I just cannot wait to see where 2017 takes all of us and I really hope that you’ll stay along for the ride.

I would love to know if you have a word of the year, and if you do, what is it? Words of the year typically are things that are very positive, so it might be family, it might be yes, it might be no, because no can also be positive if you are just way overstuffed in your life. It could be passion, it could be authenticity, it could be learning, it could be growing, it could be simplicity. Whatever is important to you, whatever you need to draw back into through the year, make that your word of the year.  Put it up somewhere where you can see it and lets go.

Lets do it, let’s make this an awesome year.

Thank you so much for being here today, I was getting ready to say make sure to subscribe because I post new videos every Wednesday, but as you know, we are moving that editorial calendar so now I’m going to post new videos on Monday, those are going to be mindset videos, motivational videos all about starting a business and how our heads sometimes get in the way, and on Wednesdays its going to be focused on Amazon FBA stuff.

So instead, I say to you, be sure to subscribe, we post new videos every Monday and Wednesday. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video  please comment below. Tell me your word of the year and come back next week. Take care guys!