Goal Planning for 2017 (First Quarter)

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Hey welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses.  This is the last video for 2016.  I feel like there should be streamers or something is anyone else excited for 2016 to be over? This has been a weird year and I am ready for a fresh start.

So in my video last week I told you that today I would be sharing my goals for 2017 and that is exactly what I am going to do.  Who says there’s no truth in advertising anymore.

I also mentioned that even though I do have some big goals for 2017, I have broken then down per quarter.  So today I’m really just going to be talking about what I want to get done in the first three months of 2017.  These goals relate to both The Bootstrap Boutique and growing this channel and then also my Amazon private label business.

The first goal is to have five thousand followers on my Twitter account by March 31 of 2017.

Kind of a subgoal of that is that I want to be more engaged on Twitter so I’ve given myself the number of hitting one thousand tweets in that first quarter also. Now why do I want to do that?  Well, let’s be honest I want more reach and growth here at The Bootstrap Boutique and Twitter has been my number one referrer for new followers.  So how do I plan to do that? Really, it’s just by being very engaged and active on Twitter and sharing good content. I share a lot of other people’s content and I share a lot of these videos that I post and I think that you get back what you put out.  So the more people that I’m finding to follow, the more I’m sharing interesting stuff, that’s going to attract followers back to me also.

The second goal for Q1 is to read and review here at The Bootstrap Boutique three business books.

Ok, that’s kind of easy, that’s one book a month. Why do you want to do that Megan? Well, because readers are leaders, have you ever heard that saying before? And there are so many good business books out there that I just haven’t been reading lately, that’s not something that I’ve been focused on.  In the past I’ve read so many books and lately I’ve just been playing on Reddit and that’s the wrong answer for growing a business. So by holding myself accountable and saying that I’m going to review them here on the channel and also share them with you guys, I think that’s going to be great motivation for me to actually hit that goal and get it done.

Here’s an Amazon goal.  I have ordered 500 units of my first product as kind of a sample test run and I want to in the first quarter sell out of all those units.

Now on a number of units sold per day basis that doesn’t sound like a lot, if you divide it out by 90 or however many days are in the first quarter.  But remember, I don’t even know when I’m going to get a product live at Amazon. I can’t ship anything until December 19th, I’m still waiting on my shipment of those products to get here to the States and then I’ve got to do photos and listings and get it shipped in and all that good stuff.  So it’s going to be I think kind of a hustle to sell out in first quarter.  What’s the why for wanting to totally sell out of that inventory in three months? I need to make some money. And it’s not just like I want to make some money because its going to make me rich or whatever this first quarter but I have put a lot of effort and a lot of cold hard cash into sourcing this product into getting set up on Amazon and I’ve put some money into this Bootstrap Boutique YouTube channel also.  So I need to start getting a return on my investment. And I want to order more stuff, I want to place a bigger order and get those volume discounts.  I can’t do that until I get that cash back out of sales so I want to sell out of this stuff.  I also would like to have some confirmation that this was actually a good product sell on Amazon and the way to do that is to see sales.

The next goal is two hundred followers here on the YouTube channel.

I’ve seen pretty good growth on my YouTube channel so far in 2016, I’m not mad about it at all. And I’m glad all of you guys are here watching every week and I super appreciate that, you know that. But I do want to continue to grow the channel and to reach more people. Ok Megan, why do you want to do that? Because you’re going to get rich off AdSense?  No.  I think that there’s a message here at The Bootstrap Boutique that I will admit, I have not done a good job fully articulating yet but once I get my hands kind of around that better its going to be a message that can help people create what they want out of life.  So that’s on my, I got to do a better job about that, once I get there, more people will follow.

That ties in really nicely to my next goal which is to create twenty videos in Q1 to post on YouTube.

And you’re going, how is that possible? Because you only post once a week and theres twelve weeks in a quarter. Ohh but I’ve got something exciting to announce.  I’ll tell you right now. I am going to change my editorial calendar next year to post consistently on Mondays and Wednesdays and then probably every other Friday. So here’s what that’s going to look like. On Mondays I’m going to post videos that are all about Mindset and Motivation, so that’s for people starting a small business, have already started a small business, want to start a small business, and we all have these mental hangups, right? So I want to talk about things that are both motivational, inspirational, and that help you get in the right mindset to both start and run a successful business. On Wednesdays I’m going to post videos that are much more Amazon specific and Amazon private label FBA focused. As long as I’m hot on the private label train it will be Amazon stuff.  I do have some other ideas, I’ve mentioned an email course so if I start that email course I’ve been talking about, maybe in 2018, I might use that Wednesday spot to talk about how to do email courses or courses or email marketing or anything like that. Whatever I’m doing in business right then and learning about is what I’m going to share with you guys on Wednesdays. But I always want that to be a really actionable, tactical, specific and focused thing that you can take and if you’re doing the same thing that I’m doing, you can use it to help grow your business. Also what I’m planning right now is about every other Friday to check in on these goals and to monitor them so I can make sure I’m hitting them.  I find that accountability is really big when you come in and you say “hey I did this” or “I didn’t do it.” And that’s something that I love to see and with other bloggers that I’ve seen over the years and other YouTubers, like I mentioned Stefan James in the last video.  He does a monthly update, but because I’m doing quarterly goals, I want to do it more frequently than once a month so I think that every other Friday check in is going to work out well.

Another product focused goal is is to launch a second product into FBA.

I’ll be honest, this is a big stretch one for me, I’m not sure if I’m going to have the capital that I want to invest to put into there because we’ve got some stuff going on in real life that we’ve got to fund next year, but I definitely want to be well on the path during Q1 and if I can reach my other goal of selling out of the first product, then I’m going to be well set up to actually launch a second product.

Alright, last goal of the year, one I’m really excited about is to do more outreach of The Bootstrap Boutique out to other communities.  So I’ve brought people on to this page and interviewed them and I think that’s been a lot of fun to do, is to help expose you guys to other people. But I want to go out and leverage other communities also to bring the message of The Bootstrap Boutique.

So my goal in Q1 is to be interviewed by three different podcasters or appear on somebody else’s YouTube page as a collaboration.

Why do I want do to that? Again because I want to spread the message of The Bootstrap Boutique and the very basic nitty grittys of how to start a new business if you are a beginner.  That’s a lot to do in a quarter and I’m excited to get started.  So what I want you to do is in the comments below please tell me about what your goals are for next year and if there’s a way that I can help you achieve them, tell me that too because I would love nothing more.

That’s a wrap on 2016 guys it is time to go drink some champagne, sing some Auld Lang Syne and just enjoy the beginning of the New Year. I will see you in 2017 and surprise! I will be in a new house, so excited. We can stop looking at this stuff. Don’t tell me you’re not excited about that. Whew! Bye guys, take care!


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