Rachel from Rethink 9 to 5 on Choosing Your Own Path

I recently got the chance to chat with Rachel of Rethink 9 to 5 about how and why she decided to start her own business. Rachel left a high powered job as a CPA to launch her consulting business where she both helps corporate employees choose their career ladder as well as working with those ready to make the leap to self employment.

Be sure to check out Rachel’s coaching program on her blog:



Gratitude Week Day 4 – Online Business Gurus

Mariah Coz – Femtrepreneur

Bryan Harris – Video Fruit

Regina Anaejionu – By Regina

Do you know what’s better than Black Friday shopping?  Pretty much everything, but especially this.

Hey thanks so much for coming back for the last day of The Bootstrap Boutique Gratitude Week, it has been such a fun week, we have said Thank You to all sorts of different people here on The Bootstrap Boutique and I hope you’ve done the same in your life.

Today I am saying thank you to three people that I would call them online business gurus, they probably won’t like that term very much but its a good way for me to group them and to keep them straight in the old noggin.

What is interesting about all three of these people is that I follow them online, I read their blogs and I’m on their newsletters but I haven’t actually used any of their services yet, its definitely a part of my business that I see being useful down the road when I get actually some money coming in instead of just everything going out with the Amazon Private Label product business.  You know, when I’m actually ready to start growing the online portion of this business but like I said its a little bit down the road so I’m on their newsletters and stuff so I keep in touch and know whats going on but haven’t actually really dug in but still wanted to share these people with you also because you’re probably doing something different than I am and I bet one of these three people can help you do that thing.

So the first person that I am going to say thank you to is Mariah Coz.  I’m going to call her the online course guru.  Mariah’s specialty is really teaching people how to launch courses to teach other people on the internet.  Ok, if you ever want to go down that internet rabbit hole of learning how to set up a course to teach people something online, you will find that there are no shortages of people that want to make money by teaching you how to teach a course to make money.  But Mariah is the real deal.  One thing you should always look for in a business coach or a teacher is someone that has done the thing, not just in teaching a course on how to do the thing, but they’ve actually gone out and done it independently of that.  So Mariah has done that, she has taught different internet courses, and I think maybe even some in person, so Mariah had done the thing and has the chops to prove it.  So when I’m ready to go down that course path, I mentioned a long time ago that I have an email course in the back of my head but that’s probably not even until a 2018 type project, I know she’s there and will be ready and I can’t wait until I can learn from her.  So Mariah, thank you so much for putting that out there, thanks for letting me follow along on your newsletter even though I’m not a customer, but I probably will be one day, so let’s be friends thanks. Hey Mariah, can’t wait to work with you soon.  Thank you!

Ok next we have Bryan Harris and the team over at Video Fruit.  So for me, Bryan is synonymous with email list building.  And again I have been reading his blogs, I’ve listened to webinars he’s done, I’ve really gotten a lot of great information out of him just off the free stuff he provides and he again has courses that are available for how to build an email list and all that great stuff.  When I get there, sometime in 2017, not there yet, but we’re working on it. So Bryan I appreciate all the free information that you’ve given out already and I can’t wait to work with you sometime next year.   Alright Bryan, let’s get building some lists together next year.

Ok for my final Thank You of Gratitude Week 2016 I wanted to say Thank You to Regina Anaejionu. So Regina also does the online business/online course teachings.  But what I really love that she shares are her case studies.  Because if you go down that online rabbit hole of how to build a course or how to have an online business, you find all these people bragging about “here’s my six figure launch” “here’s where I made $150,000 off this launch.” Blah, blah, blah, blah.  That’s great but that really doesn’t help somebody that is brand new and trying to do something for the first time.  So Regina actually shared a case study recently about the very first time that she launched an online product.  And she did not make six figures, I’m not even sure she made five, I think it was in the four figures, but hey, guess what, that’s still a success!  I think I read that Regina is actually shutting down most of her courses and revamping them so I would love to say that I”ll be working with you in 2017 but I don’t know yet because I’ve got to see what you put out there but I do not doubt one bit that its going to be awesome.  So let’s just go ahead and pencil something in on the calendar. Hey Regina, let’s be friends!

Alright guys that is three internet/online business superstars that I know can help you build your business in 2017, but sure to check them out, I’m going to link them down in the description below.  And be sure that you are subscribed  to this channel, next week we are going to go back to our regular schedule where I will post on Wednesdays and look forward to talking to you then.  So make sure you come back.  Have a great week, take care!

Gratitude Week Day 3 – Podcasters

Today I’m saying thank you to Being Boss, The Scot and the Sassenach, Stacking Benjamins and Rob Has a Podcast!

On the surface these don’t have a lot to do with business. Just bare with me.

Hello welcome back to another day of The Bootstrap Boutique’s Gratitude Week, so, so glad you’re here.  I hope you guys are enjoying this series it certainly has been a lot of fun for me to think back on the year and the people and companies that have helped me do what I do.

So, today I wanted to talk about podcasts and not even necessarily business podcasts, but I’ve mentioned before I work from home so I’m by myself all day and while I do probably spend too much time on the phone, when I’m not on the phone it gets really quiet here. My dogs don’t talk, so I spend the day and fill the quiet by listening to podcasts.  So I really wanted to reach out and say Thank You to the people that are kind of in my head all day helping me to get through the days and not feel like I’m a lonely crazy person.

The first two ladies that I want to thank are Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss.  This is actually the only business podcast that is at all related to this side business that I’m doing.  These ladies walk the walk and talk the talk, so what I mean by that is that they are both small business owners and use that knowledge and that perspective to give a really awesome podcast to female creative entrepreneurs.  And I am like the last person on earth that would label myself as a creative entrepreneur, that’s not what I’m doing here, but I still get a lot of value just out of the stories they share and the perspective that they give on what its actually like to run a business.  Because obviously its not all roses but the freedoms that they have are really enviable and something that I definitely aspire to.  So got to shout it out to Emily and Kathleen, thank you so much for your podcast, I love listening, I don’t know that I’ve ever skipped an episode.  Maybe that one about moons, that might have been a little too much for me, but its so inspiring and I just love what you guys are doing and what you’re sharing with everybody so please, please, please never stop.  From The Bootstrap Boutique to Being Boss, we really love Bs and that’s awesome.  Thanks ladies!

Ok this next podcast you have definitely never heard me talk about before.  One of my guilty pleasures is a book series called Outlander and yeah that has recently become a popular TV show on Starz, which is like a subscription network, I don’t know I just watch it on Netflix.  But anyway, my husband makes fun of me because I like to read recaps of shows I’ve just watched, I don’t know why, it’s a thing about me as a person.  It’s there. Outlander, I actually found this podcast called The Scot and the Sassenach, which I’m not saying right, I’m just going to call it TSATS from now on.  But this podcast is produced by StoryWonk and that is a husband and wife team, Lani Diane Rich and Alastair Stevens who is a Scot, Alastair is from Scotland, and Lani is from America so she is a Sassenach, I’m going to say that wrong again, or an Outlander, which is where the name comes from. I’m getting way too in the weeds here you don’t care about this.  What you need to know is that they talk so much about the story.  That is what their focus is on, they are always talking about the story.  Is this a good story? How does this story work? And it has really helped me in listening to that it does kind of you know, it gets in your head and it makes me think about what is the story I’m telling here at The Bootstrap Boutique.  Clearly I don’t have that figured out yet but it is something I think about quite a bit and look forward to continuing to mold as we go into 2017.  Really I just love the podcast and they used to do another podcast called The Lightbulb that I loved, it is now dearly departed but Lani, Alastair, thank you guys so much, you’re awesome and I just get a thrill!  Hey TSATS, thank you!

Alright so back to someone you guys have heard me talk about before and that is Stacking Benjamins and that podcast which is all about money and I know that’s not everybody’s favorite thing to talk about but I really enjoy it and if you think you might be interested at all, just know that they’re not like a really dry boring oh my gosh this is like sitting in econ 101 class.  Again, it really talks about money in a fun accessible way and so if that is something you think you might at all be interested in or at all need help with in your life, you got to listen to those guys.  Go check them out, Joe and OG will keep you entertained I promise you that.  So Stacking Benjamins, thanks guys you are awesome. Joe, Kathleen and everybody at Stacking Benjamins, Thank you thank you thank you!

The last podcaster that I have to say thank you to today is someone else that again I haven’t talked about here ever. But if you listen to podcasts, you may have come across this person before especially if you have any interest in reality television at all.  That would be Rob Cesternino at Rob Has a Podcast.  Now, you may think that there is no way you could make a living talking about reality tv, but turns out you’re wrong.  There’s a business model for everything I guess.  And I say that joking, but honestly you can’t talk about creating a community around something, anything, without thinking about Rob Cesternino and Rob Has A Podcast, Rob Has A Website, Rob Has A Planet, whatever it is that he’s created, its huge.  And people are so plugged in with what he’s doing 1) because he’s extremely humble and gracious 2) because you really get the sense that he cares about the people that listen to his podcasts and does things to include them whenever possible.  One of my favorite podcasts he does every year is Live Know It Alls, I’m not going to get into what Know It Alls are and live versus not live and all that, the point is that he goes out of his way every year to invite anybody that wants to come to a live taping of his podcast and people love it, it does sound like a lot of fun, if you’re super into Survivor.  I’m not sure how he does it but I’m fairly certain that Rob spends more hours podcasting in a week than there are actually hours in a week, so maybe some sort of voodoo magic, but it means that there’s always something to listen to, and for that, I thank you!  Rob Cesternino over at Rob Has A Podcast, thank you so much for keeping me entertained and for giving me somebody to talk about Survivor with.

Alright guys, that’s going to do it for today.  Be sure to come back tomorrow I’ve got some internet business guru people that I have got to say Thank You to.  So don’t forget, subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already so you don’t miss a video and come back for the last day of Gratitude Week.  Thanks guys, take care!

Gratitude Week Day 2 – Youtubers

Amy Schmittauer – Savvy Sexy Social

Sunny Lenarduzzi – The Sunny Show

Benji Travis & Sean Cannell – Video Influencers

Stefan James – Project Life Mastery


So I was thinking, if I want to say thank you to my favorite youtubers, today’s video should probably at least be in focus.  I tried.

Hey welcome back for another day of The Bootstrap Boutique Gratitude Week where today I’m saying thank you so much to some of the people that have really helped me better.

That is not damning with faint praise, I’ve learned a lot from you guys, the student is just a little slow on the uptake.

So the first person that I really want to say thank you to is someone that I found by googling how to do very basic youtube functions.  Very basic.  Hey Amy Schmittauer, you knew I was going to ask those dumb questions and you were there for me with videos about how to schedule a post on youtube to post at a later date and all kinds of good stuff like that so thank you so much for all those tactical videos that you have posted over the last few years they have been super helpful to me as I have asked really basic you tube questions that I would be way too embarrassed to ask in real life.  Hey Amy, for real though, thanks so much for all those videos. Keep killing it.

Next I have to say thank you to Sunny Lenarduzzi  not only for facebook, no.  Next I have to say Thank you to Sunny Lenarduzzi not only for Youtube videos but for all things social media and also your be your own boss mastermind that you have on facebook.  I love that group, everybody is super engaged and involved and I have to tell you, that I’m a member of quite a few facebook groups and no other “owners” are as in the weeds and as involved and there as you are.  So thanks for always showing up there, thanks for being so accessible, for answering questions thanks for all the trainings that you have given its just been awesome to learn from you this year.  Thanks Sunny, I really appreciate it.

Ok next I actually have two people and that is Benji and Sean of Video Influencers.  These guys are awesome for talk about how to grow your reach and spread your influence and impact on youtube. I’ve learned alot about the behind the scenes stuff the SEO, the keyword research, the reaching out to others from these guys.  So any growth that I have had in my channel this year, which has been a little bit but more than I would have done on my own, is really a lot in thanks to these guys for being so willing to share all that information.  So Benji, Sean, thank you guys.  Video Influencers, thank you.

Now for my last thank you today, I’ve got to talk to Stefan James of Project Life Mastery.  His Youtube channel is not so much about how to have a you tube channel, although he does talk about that.  But what he has really shown me is how you can use a youtube channel to support your other business and that is absolutely something that I plan on doing with my Amazon private label business so it’s really, watching his videos has just opened me up to a whole different way to think about youtube and how to use youtube as a marketing tool as well as just like an information sharing, lets get to know each other and talk about our stuff that we have going on which is currently how I use youtube, way to use youtube.  That was a run on sentence.  I apologize.  But Stefan has really shown me how to do that and I don’t know if that’s something I would have thought of on my own, so I owe you a wheat grass shot, or whatever it is that you’re always drinking on your snapchats.  I’d probably just go with whiskey but we can do whatever.  Stefan, Project Life Mastery, thank you sir!

Alright guys that is four great youtube channels that I definitely think you should check out if you’re interested in using youtube for marketing, if you’re interested in using it to share ideas, if you need to find out how to get more likes on your cat videos.  No judgement but definitely check those videos out below they are all going to be linked down in the description.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow where we are going to be doing thank yous to another group of people that honestly help get me through the day, every day working from home.  So be sure to subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already so you don’t miss it.  I will talk to you tomorrow guys, take care!

Gratitude Week Day 1 – Amazon FBA

Today I’m saying “Thank You!” to Scott Voelker of The Amazing Seller, Steve Chou of My Wife Quit Her Job, and the Jungle Scout team!


So today we’re going to talk about my ecommerce homeboys.

Hey welcome back for another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique, Gratitude Week.  How exciting is this?

Today I am saying thank you three times to people that have helped me with the whole Amazon private label thing that we’ve got going on.


So if you go way back into The Bootstrap Boutique archives, and I’m not suggesting that you do, it’s kind of a scary place, you will see that in the beginning I really just wanted to start a business and I didn’t really know what that going to be.  However, pretty quickly in I decided hey I want to do an Amazon private label FBA thing but I don’t think I ever explained how I got to that place.  Earlier in the year I was reading the blog of Steve Chou, my wife quit her job, and there will be a link down in the description to that blog so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.  Steve in his blog talks about the journey that he has been on with his wife of building this ecommerce business, Bumblebee Linens.  Which as far as I can tell is super successful, but he’s not one of those internet people that just kind of brags about how great he is.  What I love about Steve and what you will notice that I also have in common with him is that he shares when he does things wrong.  Which I think, is greatly lacking on the internet.  Anyway, he has documented for gosh, several years, I don’t know how many, a long time, all the ups and downs of his business and has really given a great picture of what its like actually day to day to be an internet entrepreneur.  So I started reading his blog late last year, early this year and got really excited about the whole ecommerce idea but it really seemed so overwhelming to build a website to get inventory to do the shipping all that stuff.  And so when he started talking about Amazon and selling on Amazon that really got me even more interested and he from the beginning talking about it has been very honest about the pros and the cons that he has dealt with in working with selling on the Amazon platform.  So Steve you’re the one that got me excited about this for better or for worse, we will see, but thank you for that so much.  For peaking my interest and for getting me going down the path.  So yeah, I’m actually really writing thank you notes, you ready? Let’s do this.  Steve Chou, thank you sir.

Because I’m a researcher at heart, I can’t help it, it’s just what I do, once I got interested in FBA I started researching it and looking for more information online and somehow or another in there I came across The Amazing Seller podcast and Scott Voelker.  Scott, I love his story.  He tells it in a lot of different places in his podcasts, but especially in one episode, I think the title of it is Success Leaves Clues, which is a great title anyway but it tells the story of him and all the businesses he’s run and the different things he’s done really I think since he graduated from high school and its just chock full of information and inspiration.  That Scott is so great at making you feel like, hey if I can do this you can do it, you just got to put in the work.  So for me, Scott, and probably for a lot of you guys also that watch these videos for the Amazon stuff specifically, has been such a great leader where he talks about the Amazon stuff.  And I always say stuff because there is so much involved and Scott really goes through all of it from the very big picture to the nitty gritty details of like how to get refunds actually paid back to your account.  It’s all over the place a little bit but within the Amazon bubble and its just been so helpful to listen to that stuff as I’ve gone through and had questions.  Typically if you have a question you can find the answers somewhere in his archives, its great to have that one stop shop.  Scotts been hinting at for like six months now and now really starting to talk about going in other directions and I’m super excited to hear what else he has to talk about but just for the Amazon information he’s already provided, I cannot not say thank you Scott for all that good stuff.  Mr. Scott Voelker, The Amazing Seller, thank you.

One last person or group actually that I need to say thank you to today is Greg Mercer and Jungle Scout because not only have I used their software, and I’m a very happy customer of theirs, but also just because….You know, it’s not normal to say thank you to a company for selling you something, right?  That’s kind of what they are there for. But through the interviews Greg’s done, through the collaborative product launch, through all the information they post on their blog, they give such great insight into selling on Amazon and how to actually do it.  The collaborative product launch, I’ve said it before and I’ll sell it again, it is such a brilliant use of marketing their product but also giving great information that’s really tactical and hands on. It was so smart, it was brilliant because that’s why I bought the product, because I saw how they use it and what it can give you.  Thank you guys so much for building awesome software and just being an awesome company.  Alright Jungle Scout, this one is for you, thanks so much guys!

Thats it for today guys be sure to come back tomorrow because I’m going to be saying thank you to another group of people that help me actually do this thing right here better, which is make youtube videos. So be sure to come back tomorrow to see who is inspiring me and pushing me forward on that topic.  Bye guys take care!

Gratitude Week Kick Off!

This is going to be fun!

Hey, welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique, where beginners build businesses.  I’m glad you’re here because I’m doing something a little different this week.

It is the week of Thanksgiving here in the United States and it is true, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, hands down.  And I thought a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year would be to say thank you to a lot of the people that have helped me  this year, whether they know it or not, in all different ways of creating this online business.

So I actually have videos coming every day for the rest of this week saying thank you to different groups of people, Amazon FBA guys, youtubers, podcasters, and just internet business people, that have really helped me learn different aspect of the business over the past year.  Alright, that’s all I’ve got for today.

I just wanted to shoot a quick video so you would know about what’s coming up this week.  So be sure to come back every day and watch the videos, subscribe to this channel if you’re not already so you don’t miss one because these are people that can help you too.  And next year you’ll be saying thank you.

And I would be crazy to do a video about saying thank you and not say thank you to you guys.  Thank you so much for watching these videos, for subscribing to the channel, for leaving messages in the comments.  I love getting to know you guys, keep the good stuff coming and we have got so much to do next year, its going to be a lot of fun, so be sure to stick around.  Thanks guys.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

How to Be Productive: The 3×5 Method

Well, here is the answer to the question that no one is asking, but you should be.

Hey welcome back to another week of the Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses. As always I am glad you’re here.

So like you, I am a pretty busy person, and we’re all busy in our own ways.  For me, that takes the form of a day job that’s pretty demanding and also requires its fair share of travel, a young family, I have a husband and a little boy that you know, I want to see and spend a lot of time with, and then this side business, and you know of course we’ve got The Bootstrap Boutique going an also the Amazon physical product going, so there’s a lot of things that fill up my plate.

And earlier in the year when I was just trying to get all this stuff off the ground I definitely felt overwhelmed and never really knew what to do.  So i’ve come up with a system and it’s not perfect but it really does help me feel like I’m making progress getting things done every day.

Like any person on the internet, I gave it a name, because processes and procedures aren’t really unless they have names, or something.

So I call mine the 3×5 method.

That means I’m taking the three big areas of my life and trying to do five things each day in my personal life, just get stuff done.  And then in my day job or my business to take meaningful steps forward on different things I’m working on.  At the beginning of each day I take my notebook and make three short lists.

So the first one is going to be five things that need to get done in my day job.

Now that may be returning phone calls, it may be working on a spreadsheet, it may be working on a best practices document I’ve been working on for much too long now, but it’s going to be the important things that I need to get done by the end of the day so I can say yes I feel accomplished, I feel like I did something because in my day job, and probably in yours too, there’s a whole lot of putting out fires that comes up and those can totally distract you from what you’re trying to get done.

Now the next section is called five Megan things but it’s really just family stuff that I need to get done.

So that could take the form of paying bills, making a grocery list, cleaning the house, just kidding, thats never on the list.  Making a doctors appointment for my son, there’s all kinds of things that can fit into that bucket but those are five things that I need to get done because when my kid’s at home I don’t want to be washing dishes, right?

And that is an unfair advantage I have working from home is that I can do stuff like that during lunch or if I need to take five minutes to just get up from my computer because I’ve been looking at it all day. And I don’t feel bad about doing that, its not something I do a lot but I could do a whole other video about working from home.

And of course the last thing, five business things.

So I combine The Bootstrap Boutique stuff that I do and the Amazon private label stuff that I do into this list.  It’s probably pretty obvious what falls into that bucket, that’s the stuff you guys actually see.  Now out of all that stuff I do that falls under that label I’m still really looking for the five most important things to do.  So if I don’t have a video in the queue, I need to shoot a video.  If my supplier and I are going back and forth talking about product specifications, I need to make sure I’m writing them back as soon as I can because we’re on such a time zone difference, I don’t want to be the hold up in that process.

For me it’s been a process of realizing that I am not going to get everything done in a day, and I don’t even make myself get those fifteen things done every day because that, if you think about it, is a lot.

Something that has been really interesting to me as I’ve gone through this process has been I notice sometimes that i have an item that carries over day by day by day.  You start to see that on day three, day four, day five and then it’s like, “uh is this really important?  is this something I should actually be spending time on?  is there someone else that can do it?”  Or am I just procrastinating because I think it’s going to be hard?

And sometimes, yes, the answer is that I think it’s going to be hard and I don’t want to do it.  Its a good gut check because that probably means the next day that is something that I need to do first before I do anything else.

You guys are busy people too, I know a lot of you are running or starting an Amazon side business in addition to a day job and in addition to family and in addition to whatever else it is that’s important to you.

So tell me in the comments what you’re doing to stay productive and stay on task and stay focused on moving your businesses forward. As always you can find me on twitter I am @megloftin or from any of the other contact methods that are listed below.  I will talk to you next week guys, you take care.

8 Weeks Left in 2016 – What Are We Going to Accomplish?

Today is my favorite holiday.  It’s my birthday.

Just kidding, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I am an eater.

Hey there, welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique, where beginners build businesses, so glad you’re here.  Did you know as of today, there’s only eight weeks left in 2016?

How is that possible?

So its true, we are almost there guys, we are almost at the end.  This year has gone by so fast and there has been so many changes and its really been an awesome year.  But there’s still a lot of things that I need to get done, that I want to get done, before 2017 starts.

So because you know, I’m a list maker, I have a list of things to get done before the end of the year.

Not only am I a list maker but my list have titles and and this one is entitled “8 weeks left in 2016 – what do I want to accomplish?”

Its short, but they are big things.

So the first thing on my list is to actually go ahead and finish the rest of the videos for The Bootstrap Boutique for this year.  Now this is eight, and so there’s only really seven videos left to go, that is something that should be totally achievable.  But I would like not, like the week of Christmas, to still be trying to get videos ready to go for this year.  So I got to get on that, and I got to map out my editorial calendar and what I want to talk about going into the rest of the year.  Comments, ideas, suggestions, you know what to do.

Ohhhh, number two is not going to be very fun.  That is get my book keeping started so I can pay taxes this year.  So The Bootstrap Boutique does not make money, my Amazon private label business, there’s no sales because there’s no product yet, so really I just have a lot of expenses I need to keep track of.  I don’t even know if I can write those off as a business expense, I think the IRS will look at it and be like, hey, you’re real cute but that’s just a hobby.  We’ll see.  We’ll see what happens.  But I’ve got to get it started or no bookkeeper or accountant or CPA or whatever is going to work with me because my stuff is a mess right now.

Number three is get a product into the Amazon warehouse.  Now we know because of the FBA rules this may or may not happen.  I know you can set up a shipping plan in December but I don’t know if you can actually ship in December.  So I do have my product all ready to go, I’ve sent my wire, I am so excited.  But, I’ve got to actually get those products here to the States, inspected and sent on all before goal number three actually happens.  It could happen in the time frame, its just whether or not I can actually, will actually be allowed to send to Amazon. And that’s what I don’t know yet.

And last but not least, uhhhh, admin stuff is not fun.  But I have to get my LLC moved from the state that I lived in at the beginning of the year to the state that I live in now.  And I don’t even know where to start with that.  But I’d really like to start 2017 with a fresh slate, so I got to get on that.  I got to get moving but I ….  Legal Zoom helped me set up the first LLC so I’ll probably just contact them and see what they recommend.  I had a great experience with them, I would definitely recommend for something simple like that to use a service like that as opposed to, I’d probably save an attorney I actually pay by the hour for more involved work.  That’s just my opinion, I have no idea guys.

So those are the four big things that I want to get done in the next eight weeks.  And on their own they are all achievable, it does kind of feel like a lot.  I know the number isn’t a lot but those things all feel like big things to do.  But I know if I get that stuff done now, I’m setting myself up to have a huge 2017.  And that is the important thing and that is what I’m so excited about doing.

So tell me, leave it in the comments, what are your plans for the last 8 weeks of the year?  What are you going to knock out between now and December 31st thats going to help wrap up this year and set you up for big things in 2017?  I want to hear about it.

Oh and if you’re still watching this video, I know what you’re thinking.  What can I do for Megan for her birthday?  So sweet, so sweet of you.  I’m glad you asked, here’s what you can do.  Take one of the videos that I’ve done in the past, whether its on the mindset, the Amazon stuff, the “here’s all the ways I’ve screwed up” stuff, and share it with someone that you think it could help.  That would be huge, that would be amazing, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you guys so much for continuing to watch, thanks for hanging out in the comments, thanks for the twitter messages, I love it all.  I just eat this stuff up.

Hey so thumbs up on this video to tell me Happy Birthday, that would be super sweet of you guys and don’t forget, tell me what you’re going to get done in the last 8 weeks of the year down in the comments.  And I will talk to you next week. Take care.

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So you guys, thumbs up to tell me happy birthday, thumbs down if you suck, I guess.

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Hey so thumbs up on this video to tell me happy birthday, that would be awesome.  I really, I am an only child so I do love my birthday.

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