How to Find People to Follow on Twitter?

We should talk about Twitter.

Hey my name is Megan thanks for coming back for another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique, where beginners build businesses.

A part of building your business in this day and age is absolutely having a social media presence.  So I decided to go just totally off character and try to just focus on one social media presence at a time.

That is at the moment Twitter.

I know I have SnapChat and all that stuff but my SnapChat right now is a weird mix of people that I don’t know that I’m assuming came from here and then my friends.  And I don’t really talk about this stuff to my friends and I don’t really want to share pictures of my baby with people I don’t know and so I’m in this weird limbo-y space with SnapChat where I’m trying to decide how I’m going to use it.

What, what were we talking about?  Oh!  Twitter.  Yes.

So, back to Twitter.  I have been working on trying to build a presence there and it, you know, it takes a while because you don’t want to just go out and spam  everybody under the universe and try to get followers.

That’s not a good way to build an engaged presence on a social media platform.  So first off, if you’re doing that, stop it.  Just stop it right now.

But have you read twitter bios lately? Is everybody under the sun an entrepreneur?  That’s a whole different video.  One day we’re going to talk about the word entrepreneur and the feelings that come with that word and like, am I or am I not? But that’s not today.

So you go through all these stages of trying to find people that you want to follow on Twitter.  And at first its like, yep, everybody come in.  Just come on in guys, just everybody come in.  I’m going to follow you all.  Because you really think, like, oh there’s something I can learn from everybody.

Oh your an entrepreneur, oh you are an SEO expert?  Oh, you have eighteen online businesses?  Awesome!  I can learn from all these people.

But so many are just full of crap.  Full of it.  So I’ve had to become a lot more selective in who I’m actually following on Twitter, and I still have way too many people that I’m following but it’s a process because you do want to follow the people that can actually add value and you don’t want to follow the people that aren’t. That are just posting other stuff.

So it’s kind of a slow process and I’ve been spending way more time than I probably should trying to curate this list of Twitter followers or people that I’m following.


What do you call that?

The advice that I was given was to cast a wide net and then narrow down from there, so that’s what I’m following right now.  That’s what I’m doing.  But I do wonder if there’s a better way because now I have way too much noise in my Twitter feed.  I know you can go and you can build lists and you can use like different programs to just see the feeds from your lists.  I’m working on all that, but it all takes a lot of time, and a surprising amount of time because I want to set it up right the first time.  So any other good suggestions on how to find great people to follow on Twitter? I would love to hear them.

I don’t worry so much about the other side, about people following me.  I know that will come over time if I continue to put out good info which, you know I’ve been pretty happy about the growth that I’ve had as far as people following me.  But I don’t really view that as the most important part.

So, any suggestions you guys have on how to find great people to follow on Twitter, I am all ears.  I’d love to hear it.  But I do not need to follow 500 experts in SEO, one or two really good ones would be enough.  So how do you figure out who is legit and who is not?  By a twitter profile?

Alright guys, that was a little ranty today huh?  Little ranty.  But that’s just what I’ve been thinking about today.

Make sure you join me next week, I post new videos every Wednesday, so subscribe to this channel if you think that’s something you’d like to see more of.  Thumbs up on the video if you feel that way too about Twitter, that there’s a lot of noise, everybody’s an entrepreneur, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? No idea. That’s what I want you to tell me in the comments.  I’ll talk to you next week guys, take care.

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