How To Find Products to Sell on Amazon: A Jungle Scout Tutorial


Get Jungle Scout Here (affiliate link, obviously)

Hey guys, its Megan with the Bootstrap Boutique and as you can see, things are a mess.  We are about 25% moved in to this other house that we’re going to be in for the next year.

So we are going to do something a little different as my dog walks by.  We’re going to actually head over to the computer and I’m going to show you a walkthrough of Jungle Scout, which is the software that I use to help me decide what products I want to sell on Amazon.

So as we go through this walk through, if you have any questions make sure to drop them in the comments below and I”ll make sure to go back and answer them.  Also, in the video description I’m going to put a link in there that you can use should you decide that you want to check Jungle Scout out for yourself.  Sorry about the dogs, I cannot record this video again.  See you at the computer guys.

So we’re going to take a look at the Jungle Scout Pro Chrome extension.  And that’s important to note, it is a Chrome extension so you have to be using Google Chrome in order to really be able to access the product.

So what we’re going to do, you can of course come up here if you have a product in mind and just search in the search bar.  But we’re going to try and just go down a rabbit hole and find something, so let’s come over to the departments drop down and lets see.

What we want to do is find something that is going to have a lot of subcategories in it, and actually, I have a one and a half year old, so I am well aware that Toys, Kids and Babies has a lot of stuff in it because babies especially just need a lot of stuff.

So lets go into the babies and as you can see over here in the categories there’s still a ton of ways in which you can narrow down what kind of products we want to look at.  So actually I’m just going to pick the very first one, bottle feeding.  And let’s see what happens in there.  Because even within that there’s just a ton of stuff.

How about one that maybe doesn’t have so many, the formula dispenser & mixers, not as many subcategories in there.  So that is a good thing.  But you will see there’s still a lot of breadth and depth within this category, so as you can see if goes from even this thing thats a hundred and forty dollars and it premixes and heats and does everything with your formula for you all the way down to just these little containers.

So lets see here, if we were to just come in here and say, ok, yep see theres a ton of different stuff in here which is good, thats good, it gives us lots of different things to look for.  So let’s just have it show us all best sellers.  So this is going to give us a list of what are the best sellers for this month and this category, perfect.

So from here I am actually just going to go ahead and open Jungle Scout Pro, which like I said is a Chrome extension.  It’s up here and hangs out where all your Chrome extensions do.  And while it’s loading up for us we can just go ahead and talk about what it’s doing.  So what its actually doing is scrubbing the Amazon database and pulling up all this information for us.  And it is, it is still loading so I’ll just go ahead and tell you about the extension a little bit.

So it is giving us all the information on a monthly basis for this first page.  And we could go to the next page of results and search it and it would tell us the same thing.  So starting from the top we have sales, this is the average number of estimated sales per month, so we see that’s 563 items per month from this page, average.

Now these things on this page are very different, you know, you’ve got the all in one super machine all the way down to just a premade dispenser thing.  So, within here we are going to see a lot of variation which is ok, also we have a difference of really well known, Dr. Brown is a very well known brand, to this one I’m not sure how you say that, Sysiron? Which could potentially be a private label name and doesn’t have the name recognition, so would probably not have the sales of Dr. Brown.  We also have up here, sorry I got a little off track, up here we also have the average sales rank for the month, which for this case is 5,054.

So average sales rank is the best seller rank, it’s kind of like golf.  You want a low number.  So, we see here numbers that range from I’m not sure where that 5,000 is coming from because it seems a lot higher than the other numbers here.  But, actually that’s because I’m looking at the wrong column, Megan. So we see rank between 6,000 and 213 is very low, 9,000 so that is why we have a higher average sales rank.

Average price is pretty self explanatory, what is the average of all these things, and I bet if we took out this Baby Brezza it would be even lower.

And then average number of reviews over here at the very end, that is pretty self explanatory also, its just how many reviews on average did these products have.

So starting, looking at these rows from left to right, number is just literally the rank that it is on the page.  The number that it appears at.

If we were to click this plus sign here as you see in the pop up, it would add the product to the tracker which is inside the Jungle Scout Web App.  I don’t currently subscribe to that so I can’t show you guys but there is a free trial available on Jungle Scout which is pretty cool.

Next column over is the product.  This is a hyperlink so if I were to click on it, it would open this product up in a new window.  But a nice thing it does is it does give you a nice little popup of what the product looks like, it’s got the main image there so you know if you are looking at this compared to this we aren’t comparing apples to oranges, which is good.

Let’s see here.  Next is the brand, so that is whatever brand is selling the product, the price, pretty self explanatory.  It’s whatever the price is.

Category, also fairly self explanatory, I think.  That tells you actually just how we got here for all of these.  It is interesting, you’ll see some of these that are in maybe a secondary category to what you think it would be in, there’s a couple of different reasons for doing that, such as trying to get a better sellers rank, trying to match for a different keyword, but we’ll not get into all of that today.  Now I’m making my thing scroll down.

The rank is again the best sellers rank, again its like a golf score, which makes sense because your number one seller would be your number one rank, and then you are going to have less sales and less sales as the numbers go higher.

Estimated sales are how many sales that Jungle Scout thinks your product sold in a month, in a thirty day period.  We will come back to how they figure those numbers out.

Estimated revenue is simply price times estimated sales.  If you multiply those two numbers together, you are going to get this column.

The number of reviews is total number of reviews.  That and ranking is what is not on a per month basis here, but that is purely just scraping the number of reviews off the Amazon listing.

Same idea for the rating, this is the star rating you’re familiar with, is this a four star product, is it a five star product, etc.

Our seller column here, lots of those you see are AMZ which of course stands for Amazon.  That means that Amazon goes out, purchases the product from the company and then sells them to you through their platform.  We do have one merchant fulfilled product, so that means the company is uploading their catalog to Amazon and are selling through them, however, they are still fulfilling through their own warehouse.  So none of these products are actually sitting in the Amazon warehouse.  So should you order this Munchkin formula dispenser combo pack, the product would not be shipped to you in an Amazon box.  And then finally down at the bottom we have a few FBA, Fulfillment By Amazon, products, which is again where a third party seller sells a product through Amazon and it’s fulfilled through the Amazon warehouse.

Next column over is the Fulfillment By Amazon fee, so that really only applies to these guys down here.  That is a combination of a referral fee and then also what is called the pick and pack fee, where they go and they get the product out of the warehouse and pack it up and send it to somebody’s house after they have bought it.

Finally net, pretty simple again.  Estimated, or sorry, the actual price minus the estimated fee gives you your net.  So again, that is just the net that Amazon is going to give to you but that does not mean that every time you sell one of these milk powder dispensers you are going to get $5.47 in your bank account because that does not account for your product costs, your shipping from overseas if applicable, your packaging, or any pay per click that you spend.  So that’s not your true profit.  But it does give you an idea.

A couple more things that will show down here.  Extract next page – that just simply means it would take you to the next page of Amazon listings and give you the same sheet here that you see.

You can export to excel if you would like.

You can filter by a couple of different things, so if you wanted to take out for instance that fancy formula dispenser, you could maybe say give me a price no higher than ten dollars.  Zero to ten. Or take out the things that have 500 reviews plus and get a more concentrated look at what you’re looking at.  There’s also some options you can put in there, you have to have API keys to be able to get those, but once you have those you can filter what categories you are seeing up here in different columns.

This little camera here gives you a nice screen shot should you want to screen shot this and come back and look at it later, because these numbers do change over time and Jungle Scout goes out and scrapes the listings once a month, and so if I look at it today and I go look at it a week from now or a month from now its going to be different numbers.  So you may want to have that to compare.

Also, its very popular on Amazon Facebook groups to ask somebody to look at a product and tell you if they think its good. Of course you don’t want to give all this information away should you do that so if you click on the facebook button here it will take a picture of it for you without giving away what you’re actually looking at, thinking about sourcing.

So let’s go back to estimated sales because I think that’s the really helpful part of Amazon, or sorry of Jungle Scout Pro.  The other things you could kind of figure out on your own with some elbow grease.

Of course, estimated sales you can also figure out, if you know the trick, but it is a lot of work and it does make you have to be very determined to figure it out.  So with Amazon sales, there is a little trick called the 999 trick.

And what that does is this:  it tells you from a day to day basis how many products are being sold of a certain product.  So, what you would do is, and I’m going to close Jungle Scout to show you.

Let’s say you wanted to buy, and I’m going to look for a fulfillment by Amazon product here, so this baby milk powder dispenser.  You want to know, in order to figure out how many sales they are getting, how many products of these does Amazon have in its warehouse today.

And then you want to find out how many it has tomorrow, but you need to be exactly twenty four hours.  Then you want to do it again the next day and the next day.  And then if you do that for enough time then you can figure out about how much they are selling per month.

So how do you do that, how do you figure out how many they have today. Well, we can see that the product is in stock.  Thats good.  So we are going to go and add it to our cart.  When we add to our cart, oh I only clicked one item of course, lets see here, quantity there we go.

So I’m going to tell it that I want to buy well, I want to buy more than ten.  I want to buy nine hundred and ninety nine.  Update.  And it says, “Sorry, this seller only has 112 of these available.”

Ok, good. So we write down this product, we write down that they have 112 and we write down today’s date.  Tomorrow, exactly 24 hours from now we come back and we do the same thing.  So tomorrow if we go and we put 999 in our cart, then it’s going to tell us, “Sorry this seller only has 110” or “This seller only has 100” or “This seller has 112” and you just take the difference of those two, so you say 0 or 2 or 12 or whatever the number is, write that down you do it for a month and you can find out how many they have sold in a month, and we’re just going to assume that that’s an average.

You can obviously do more time and that’s going to give you better data but that is how, that is what Jungle Scout is doing on a day to day basis.  Is they are going and scraping these listings and then they update the numbers once a month to give you an accurate idea.

So obviously, its going to save you a lot of time, if this is something that you are interested in because its very hard to consistently sit down every day at the same time for thirty days and go through this process.  But that is what Jungle Scout can do for you, should you decide that you want to, oh I’m not on a product page.

Should you want to source a certain product for Amazon.  It can help you determine about how many sales per month and the net revenues of that product.

Again I have a link down in the video description below that is an affiliate link, so if you choose to click it and buy you will purchase me a cup of coffee which I greatly appreciate.

And if you have any questions, make sure that you put them down below in the comments and I’d be happy to answer them for you.

As always, you can find me on Twitter @megloftin I have also started Snap Chatting, that’s really fun, nothing to make you feel like an old person than to find SnapChat about five years after the fact, but I’m there now.  So you can find me there I am @meg.loftin and I will talk to you next week guys.  I hope this was helpful.  Talk to you soon! Bye.

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